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Smoked wagyu on a sandwich: The top BBQ joint in Texas is having a one-day crossover

Fort Worth's Goldee's and Dallas-based Sandoitchi will hold a pop-up Tuesday

FORT WORTH, Texas — Since being named the best barbecue joint in Texas, Goldee’s in Fort Worth has been busy. Every day they serve, Friday through Sunday, the place is packed.

However, Goldee’s will be open Tuesday to serve something unique.

“Probably the best sandwiches in Dallas, so I think that’s what we’re gonna bring,” said Jalen Heard, one of Goldee’s pitmasters.

For one day and one day only, Goldee’s the barbecue shop will be Goldee’s the sandwich shop.

Goldee’s has teamed up with Sandoitchi, the Dallas-based traveling Japanese kitchen with famous sandwiches and famous fans.

Singer John Legend and his wife, Chrissy Tiegen, loved Sandoitchi so much, they invited the team to their house.

The guys from Sandoitchi met the guys from Goldee’s a couple years ago and decided they wanted to do something together one day.

Tomorrow is that day.

“It’s taking a Japanese menu and kinda flipping it with a Texas spin,” Sandoitchi operations manager Keith Tran said.

Customers hoping for traditional barbecue won’t get it Tuesday.

Instead, Goldee’s is using its talent to smoke things like wagyu ribeye and trout roe. Then, Sandoitchi will put that into sandwiches.

“We get to try some new stuff out, so it’ll be fun,” Heard said.

It’ll be fun for customers too, as long as they get there early. Because two places with a cult following are bound to draw a crowd.

“I think those guys have been jamming up the traffic for quite a bit,” Tran joked.

“We both have a lot of following, so I think it’ll be a pretty big thing out here on Tuesday,” said Heard.

Goldee’s and Sandoitchi will start serving at 11 a.m. and continue until they are sold out.


Deviled Egg Salad Sando - egg salad, soft boiled egg, espelette pepper, shichimi, Kewpie mayo

Ham + Deviled Egg Sando - deviled egg salad, mortadella, soppressata, salami, giardiniera mayo

Smoked Shaved Ribeye Sando - smoked washugyu beef, fermented cabbage, kizami Kewpie mayo, Goldee’s BBQ sauce

Smoke Wagyu Tartare Sando - smoked A5 wagyu, labneh, herbs, lemon, smoked trout roe

Peaches + Cream Sando - Texas peaches, Chantilly cream

Corn Mac + Cheese - roasted corn, mozzarella, cheddar Japanese

Sweet Potato Hash - Japanese sweet potato, yuzu ranch, herbs

Sweet Buckwheat Tea - roasted buckwheat, sugar

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