Ninety-three-year-old Lloyd Whalen doesn't dance. He refuses to dance, actually. In fact, Lloyd didn't even dance at his senior prom. Mainly because he wasn't there.

“They drafted me when I was 18," he said.

Lloyd was drafted into the Navy in 1943, served three years and earned a purple heart after his ship was sunk during World War II.

Today, he lives at Silver Creek Assisted Living in Garland and he's not the only one living there who missed out on senior prom.

Rhonda Jo Hudgins graduated from Port Neches Groves in 1973.

She says prom was supposed to be the highlight of her life, until she was stood up by her boyfriend.

“I cried all night," Hudgins said. "I prayed to God, please let me have someone that will love me for me.”

Rhonda eventually married, had two kids and worked as a nurse on the Texas coast. But last year, Hurricane Harvey took everything.

She only has a few belongings left to her name. The hurricane might've been the worst moment of her life, if not for prom.

About a month ago, the staff here found out that Rhonda, Lloyd and a few other residents never got to go to prom. That’s when they decided it was time for a do-over.

And so, dressed in her high school colors, Rhonda finally made it to her 'senior' prom.

There was food, laughter and they even crowned a king and queen.

Even Lloyd, the man who doesn't like dancing, danced the night away.

Rhonda then took her turn on the dance floor.

“Forty-five years I’ve been waiting to be in the prom," Hudgins told her dance partner.

Rhonda says there's a lesson in there for anyone longing for a second chance.

“Don’t give up," she said. "Never give up. Good things will come your way.”

After 45 years, her heart can finally let go because now, she's got so many great memories to hold onto.