Many people who go to the McKinney Senior Recreation Center are looking for one thing and one thing only: dancing.

But it's what they didn't come looking for that's got them moving to a whole new beat.

“It’s just been a blessing in my life," said one participant.

“It does seem to happen and I’m not sure why. It just seems to happen," said another.

"I wasn’t looking for it and it came my way," said yet another.

Every Monday, the center hosts afternoon dances. Many people come alone, mostly because they don't have a choice.

"I was by myself and it was lonely," said participant John Akard.

After John's wife died a few years back, he came to the dances longing for friendship.

Knowing it takes two to tango, John approached a woman named Betsy Stone.

“He came to ask me to dance and I looked around to see who he was asking and I was the only one there," Betsy said.

The two danced together every week until John made Betsy his permanent partner. They were married last year.

"We're two peas in a pod, that's all I can say," Betsy said.

But, most amazing, John and Betsy aren't the only ones to have found the rhythm of love.

At least a dozen couples who met at the dances are either married or in a serious relationship, which was the last thing Lynda Pennington was looking for.

“If you want to dance with me, that’s ok. Just stay over there," Lynda said, explaining her hesitation in looking for love at the dances.

That was perfectly fine with Larry Moss.

Larry says, after his wife died, he had come to terms with living the rest of his life alone. But the more he danced with Lynda, the more he found love again.

“She’s a very caring," Larry paused as he fought back tears, "a very caring person.”

Nearly every couple shared that sentiment.

They may not have come looking for love, but now they have a million reasons to do the cupid shuffle.