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New computer teaches former homeless Dallas student a lesson in love

Keyarrah Pettey's biggest goal is to get an education.

DALLAS — When 21-year-old Keyarrah Pettey made the decision to start her own business and enroll in college, she knew she would have to do it on her own.

She lived in an abusive home with a mom who wasn’t supportive.

“She got upset that I didn’t give her my [school] refund instead of using it for a laptop for school,” Pettey said. “So, she kicked me out.”

Alone and scared, she lived in her car and used what little money she had on a gym membership just to have access to internet and a shower.

“I was crying, I was scared,” Pettey said. “It’s easy to just give up, forget about it. But you can’t.”

Unfortunately, she needed a new computer. The one she had was too old and ineffective for her online classes.

Determined to get an education, Pettey reached out to a place called Promise House in Dallas.

Promise House provides housing and other resources to kids experiencing homelessness. As a nonprofit, it relies on support from the community and people like Sandra Yancey.

Yancy is the founder of eWomenNetwork, a company that empowers women who want to start their own business.

Her awards are enough to fill her halls, but she also knows what it’s like to have nothing.

“I grew up on welfare,” Yancey said. “I am 100% where I am today because of the people who have helped me. No one makes it alone. No one.”

To never forget where she came from, every year Yancey and her team give away something big. This year, it was 100 laptops for underprivileged students all over the country.

They donated 12 of those laptops to the promise house and the first one went to Pettey.

To Pettey, it was more than just a computer. It was heartwarming to know a total stranger cared enough to help foster a dream.

“I really can’t describe it,” she said, holding back tears. “It’s a lot of stuff that I wanted to do, but I couldn’t. And now, I can.”

Pettey says she believes in her future now more than ever.

It’s all thanks to the most powerful and advanced on earth: love.

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