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Need some space? Now you can own a piece

One of the best collections of meteorites is up for sale.

DALLAS — Aliens exist.

Geoff Notkin knows because he’s discovered hundreds of them.

“Inanimate aliens that have very fantastical shapes,” Notkin said.

For much of his life, Notkin has collected meteorites, rocks that traveled from space before landing on earth. He’s gone around the world searching for them and even hosted a TV a show called "Meteorite Men."

Some of the meteorites he’s collected in that time ... he’s now letting go.

Starting Wednesday, June 22 at noon, Heritage Auctions will sell 136 meteorites from Notkin’s collection.

“It’s extremely important to me that these pieces are preserved and the history is preserved,” Notkin said.

Some of the items up for sale are a meteorite that looks like alien face, another one valued at $250,000, and a collection of small rocks that are some of Notkin’s favorites.

They crashed down in 2009 near the city of West.

Typically, meteorites go undiscovered for years, decades, even centuries, but these were found by Notkin almost immediately. It’s the fastest he’s ever recovered a meteorite after it landed from space.

Now, Notkin hopes whoever buys them will discover the same sense of joy and wonder.

“Where else would you have a chance to encounter things that have journeyed through space for millions of years and then landed amidst a fireball on earth,” Notkin said.

Some of the most amazing rocks in the universe from an alien land are now available in the palm of your hand.

To see the full list of items up for auction, click here.


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