CHARLOTTE, N.C. - An Ashe County nurse is gaining national attention after she was captured on video climbing a cliff so she can make it to work and help deliver two babies.

Monday’s storm washed out the only road into town, but that didn’t stop Maggie McNeill.

“This has been the most bizarre day of my entire life,” Maggie said with a laugh. “I don't really feel like I did anything that was that exceptional.”

Of course, heroes rarely do.

Maggie’s husband Todd recorded the video. In it, you can see Maggie scaling a cliff in the rain to get to N.C. 16.

“She’s climbing a rock cliff to get up to the highway,” Todd says in the video. “She’s going to catch a ride into town and deliver Ashe County’s two newest citizens.”

“It was trickier than I had anticipated. To be honest, it was wet and slick and of all the leaves falling and rocks that were loose,” Maggie told NBC Charlotte on Tuesday. “But I knew I had to get there.”

“It is the nature of nursing," Maggie said. "There's not a time that you get a free card out and I don't think any of us really want it.”