RIVER OAKS, Texas — It wasn't quite the Valentine's Day that Monterel Mitchell and his wife Kelli had planned.

"We’ve had it very hard," Monterel said. "Very hard."

Monterel was on his way home from work that day when his truck up and died, just a mile away from their home in River Oaks northwest of Fort Worth.

"It just completely shut down on me in traffic," Monterel said.

"I just instantly started crying," Kelli said of the moment Monterel called her. "I didn’t know what else we could do, what else we could come up with."

This was the second of the family's two trucks to break down in two weeks time. The parents of six knew they needed a tow, but they just didn't have the funds.

"It was $135 just to go one mile," Monterel said.

River Oaks Police Officer Robert Wood was on patrol when he saw Monterel on the side of the road when he stopped to help.

You can see and hear when Wood arrived on River Oaks Boulevard on his body-camera video.

"Do you need me to call you a tow truck?" Wood asks Monterel in the video.

"I really, really kind of felt for him and so I just… did what you had to do," Wood told WFAA.

In his body-cam video, you see Wood pull the tow truck driver to the side and do something no one expected.

Then, you hear Wood say: "Mr. Mitchell, you're taken care of."

Wood paid for the tow out of the goodness of his heart.

"How's that?" Monterel asked. 

"Don't worry about it," Wood said.

"Thank you, man," Monterel said in the video. 

"My wife began to cry," he told WFAA. "I even got misty eyed."

"Without him, I don't know what we would’ve done," Kelli said, "but he truly blessed us that day."

Wood asked just one thing of them, which you can hear him say on the body-camera video.

"Y'all need to go have a happy Valentine's Day, promise?"

"That gesture just showed me things can still be good in this world," Monterel said. "With the way that happened, I can't do nothing but look up."