Maria Shriver comes from a dynasty, the Kennedy family. She says being born a Kennedy didn't mean she didn't have to struggle.

"I think these issues are the same for all of us. I think just because you grow up in a famous family doesn't mean you don't grieve. It doesn't mean you don't grieve, and you don't hurt."

She says it took her years through pain, disappointments and life experiences to find her voice.

"I write about trying to find my own voice, trying to find my own beliefs, trying to find my own identity, trying to ask myself who is Maria," she said.

She says she found it through writing and faith.

She has written a book called, "I've been thinking..." It's a book that guides women on how to stay positive in the turmoil and every day challenges.

"It's always easy to get into the gutter. It's easy to get into the fear mongering and the division, but so much more rewarding to think about how you can use your voice to stay above the noise."

She says she has a vision where women will one day lead but from a different place than men.

"It's how you can use your voice to move us all forward. How you can use your voice to heal not only yourself but others," she said.

The cover of her book is a picture taken by her son while she was in Arizona overlooking nature.

She says it reflects where she is now in her life.

".. And I am good, I am ok, and 'Wow, how lucky am I, and I was calm,'" she said.

And it's in the calmness that Shriver says we can accomplish more.