The mystery of graveyard headstones from Fort Worth, found masquerading as a front-yard sidewalk 70 miles east at a rural Hunt County home, has been partially solved. But the Precinct 4 Constable is still searching for a few more answers.

"He stopped and he goes whoa,” Constable Kent Layton said of the construction worker who made the unexpected find. "They were flipped over with the writing down,” he said.

The recently purchased home had a sidewalk leading to the front porch comprised of 20 face-down grave markers.

"They started somewhere in this area over here,” Layton said at the home in southern Hunt County of FM 36. “They had poured concrete around two or three of them to get them started to stay together."

"He was thinking that he may have uncovered a cemetery, a grave of some sort,” he said of the construction worker hired by the new owners. "It's unusual for somebody to use headstones for walkways. That's kind of creepy in my opinion, but that's just me."

Leaving him with the creepy questions: how did headstones of military veterans, an infant from 1956, a mother and grandmother with her name chiseled out, and the majority of the headstones with a death year of 1974, end up here as someone's sidewalk?

"I want to know how they were put here, why they were put here, how and who did it. I still want to know that even if they were discarded,” Layton said.

After searching a few of the names of the headstones, the trail led 70 miles west to Fort Worth and the Mt. Olivet and Greenwood Cemeteries where a cemetery director says they've located the actual graves, and the headstones are not missing. The ones that became a sidewalk back in Hunt County appear to be mistakes with spelling and date errors or were rejected by a family because they were the wrong color. They are not stolen.

But Constable Layton is still trying to reach the previous owner of the house to find out how they got here.

"I still want to know who put these here and how they got the stones to start with," he said.

But today we can say part of the Hunt County headstone mystery is solved. A creepy mystery that a constable, and definitely the new home's owner, can't wait to have removed, and put to rest somewhere else.