After Modesto Aceves was married 30 years ago, he took a job at a factory and abandoned his dream of being an artist.

“What my feelings are, it’s in my art,” Aceves, 56, said.

But something amazing started brewing six years ago, when he pulled out his brush and made a huge mistake.

“I wouldn’t have known it until the day I accidentally hit my brush,” he said.

Modesto said it happened one night while painting.

It was late, about 3 a.m., when Modesto was so focused on his work that he wasn't paying attention.

“Sometimes when you get too involved in your art, you forget where you put your brush at, so I accidentally dipped my brush in my coffee and boop!" he said. "That’s how it started.”

Rather than wash the coffee from his brush, Modesto painted with it and has been doing it ever since.

“I don’t have to drink coffee no more, I can just smell it in my paint,” he joked.

Clearly, it’s not your average Joe. Modesto says once he started painting with coffee, it was grounds for something beautiful.

“You can have your coffee hot or cold, but you can also have it Modesto,” he said.

Each of these paintings was done entirely using coffee. Modesto said that because of coffee, his art has become pretty grande.

“A lot of people say 'wow,'” he said.

He’s sold paintings in Texas, around the country and even in Rome. And although he can now live comfortably thanks to coffee, not every idea has been this successful.

“Well, I thought about grinding up some grass and making the green pigment,” he said.

At least he can save good money on landscaping.