It's hard to miss Everett Floyd especially when he's in his truck. The Vietnam veteran and his pickup have become local celebrities across North Texas. The F-150 is covered from top to bottom in medals, flags and military ornaments.

"They all have a meaning," Floyd said.

Floyd says hundreds of people have asked to take pictures over the years, but few ask the story behind the head-to-toe decorations. He says it's a symbol for the sacrifices all soldiers have made, but especially the men and women who served in Vietnam.

"Some mark the men who didn't come home," Floyd said.

Floyd served two tours in Vietnam in the Marines. He says he suffered from agent orange while there, and now has disabilities from his service.

Unlike other wars, soldiers who returned home from Vietnam were not welcomed home by many. War protesters as the time took out their frustrations on the servicemen and women according to fellow veteran Bill Harrison.

"I remember being spit on when I wore my uniform," Harrison said.

Decades later, Floyd is giving those Vietnam veterans the parade they didn't get when they first came home. It may be one truck, but the hundreds of decorations and flags spread a message across the Lone Star state.

Suzanne Johnston saw the pickup with her sons Trot and Beckett in Plano and took a picture, then started asking questions. The mom wanted her sons to know the story behind the truck and the man who drove it.

"Someone doesn't just do that because they have time on their hands. There is a passion there," Johnston said.

Floyd says he's happy to share that passion and those stories with anyone who will ask. And he'll keep the "parade of one" going as long as the rubber hits the road.