HALTOM CITY, Texas -- Businesses along a busy stretch of road in Haltom City claim that a superhero walks among them.

“He’s kinda like a vigilante,” an employee of a nearby store said.

“I would say it’s a hard thing to miss,” another employee said.

“Yes, very hard to miss,” another local employee agreed.

They say at least once a week the masked marvel appears when it’s "morphin’ time." Over the past two months, the red Power Ranger has been turning heads. And although he’s become the talk of the shopping plaza, like any true Power Ranger, he keeps his identity a secret.

He first dressed up like this at a birthday party for his friend’s son.

“I love seeing those kids faces light up,” he said.

He noticed it seemed to make people happy.

“That made my day," he told us.

He soon brought it to the streets, for no other reason other than to make people smile.

“There’s no sense in going around grumpy all the time,” he said.

He understands some people may laugh, but that doesn’t matter.

“It makes people smile,” he said.

He’s not doing it for attention and never uses his power for personal gain. His mission is simple.

“I like to see people smile,” he repeated.

Something even every day heroes appreciate, confirmed by the fire trucks that honk their horns as they drive by.

Which is why anytime he hears the call he’ll be ready to go-go.

He may not be the hero any of us asked for, but in a world of divisiveness and anger, maybe we all just need reminded that sometimes a smile can save the day.