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From domestic abuse shelter to CEO: One woman's inspiring story

While she was at rock bottom, God told her to pursue her dreams and start a company that would one day provide for and her girls.

Like so many women, Monet Cullins wears many hats. The 30-year-old is a mother to three beautiful girls, a full-time business student at Tarrant County Community College, a domestic abuse survivor, and the CEO of her very own company.

"Bold Lips Revolution is about empowerment for women," Cullins said.

Cullins' road to becoming a business owner has been full of bumps, detours and rocky paths. After years of physical and mental abuse she left her longtime boyfriend and found herself without a home.

The protective mom turned to Safe Haven in Fort Worth where she says she got the love and support she'd been missing for years.

"The therapy was life-changing. The counseling shows you a different side of yourself and you learn what was happening was not and never will be okay," Cullins said.

It was during her time at Safe Haven that Cullins says she had a conversation with God that changed her life. She says while she was at rock bottom, he told her to pursue her dreams and start a company that would one day provide for and her girls.

"I said 'In a shelter?' and God said, 'Do you know who I am?" Cullins said.

With money she'd saved, Cullins hired a web designer, created a logo, and started her cosmetics company, Bold Lips Revolution. She works with manufacturers directly to create lipsticks and lip glosses.

"I'm in every step of the creative process. It has to be just right," Cullins said.

Friends, family and teachers say Monet's story is one we can all learn from. Amber Meyers is a professor at TCC. Meyers realized very early in the semester that there was a leader sitting in her class.

"I don't know everything that goes on in my students' lives. But with Monet I can see a strength that she brings to everything she does. That strength comes from somewhere powerful," Meyers said.

Lisa Williams is Cullins' godmother and has seen the ups and downs of the entrepreneur's life. She was there for when Cullins left her abusive relationship and says her goddaughter has never lost her faith.

"She's an example for other young women of what you can do and where you can go," Williams said.

Cullins says without people like her godmother, teachers, and family, she wouldn't be where she is. She's excited to watch her business grow, a testament to the fact that you can always be your own hero and create a better life.

Cullins also says a part of every purchase will be donated back to Safe Haven.

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