FRISCO -- What better holiday to show off a well-manicured lawn than the Fourth of July.

"Getting this house and being a part of the American dream was simply amazing for all of us," Frisco homeowner Joseph Mauro said.

For Mauro, healthy green lawn is met with shades of red white and blue this year. It's something to see.

"I think it's pretty neat that he spends time to do that, to just kind of honor our country and celebrate July Fourth. I think it's fun," neighbor Amanda Thomas said.

From the air, it really pops. Here's the view from our WFAA drone:

But Mauro says it's a constant battle to keep Old Glory's colors from fading. But, he says, there's something to that fight.

"I just want to send a reminder to everyone that listen, hey, we're in this together, we're all Americans," he said. "The $300 I spend on the grass is nothing compared to the message that I'm trying to send out."

Mauro is carrying the flag for the service men and women in his family that carried it for him.

"This is what it's for, this lawn is to say thank you to everyone that's served," he said.

A show of support that, at times, hits him right in the heart.

"Ah, sorry," Mauro said while holding back tears. "My dad passed last month and I did this for him."

A lawn in Texas will fade -- the sun will win -- but Mauro will keep trying every year.

"This is a lot to my family.... and a lot to myself, yes," he said.