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A service station that'll fill you up for a fraction of the cost

Ford's Garage is a restaurant that celebrates the iconic automaker.

PLANO, Texas — With gas prices at all-time highs, it’s nearly impossible to visit a service station and leave satisfied.

However, there’s one new spot in Plano where folks can fill up for just a few bucks.

Ford’s Garage is a new restaurant modeled in the style of a 1920s service station.

“We are a 1920s vintage garage bar,” said owner Brian Judd.

It has the name Ford’s Garage because it’s an officially licensed restaurant of The Ford Motor Company.

The restaurant’s specialty is burgers stamped with the Ford logo, but there’s also fish, chicken  and 150 different kinds of beer. The bar features a frosted platform that guests can set their beer on to keep cold.

Ford’s Garage is also a feast for the eyes. The restaurant is filled with Ford memorabilia.

There are authentic cars, car parts, historic photos and even a real Model A above the bar.

“It’s almost like you’re coming out to a museum, not just going to a restaurant,” Judd said.

That’s why Judd believes it’s one of the most unique dining experiences around. He hopes to open several more throughout North Texas, perhaps the only filling stations that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

“You’re not gonna break the bank here and you’re definitely gonna leave with a full tank.”

For more information on Ford’s Garage, visit here.

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