DALLAS -- Wendell Williams loves the game and the action. He was on the verge of playing football in the NFL until he ripped his ACL.

“I really didn't know what else to do. I have been playing football my whole life," Williams said.

The injury sidelined him, but he didn't want to give up doing what he loves.

A year and a half after his injury, he found himself with The Dallas Marshals, an arena football team.

"Life throws curb balls at you, so you keep fighting," Williams said.

He kept his passion alive, but Arena football doesn't pay what the NFL pays, so Wendell, whose nickname is Mon, found a way to make practices, play football and put food on the table.

"I started doing Lyft," he said.

He became a Lyft driver, but in the process, found something he loves, almost as much as football.

“Some people, you know what I am saying, have bad days and good days. I am probably the last person they would think to make them smile," he said.

He says his car has become a place of sanctuary for some of his regular customers.

"I tell a joke here and there and make their day. That's the whole purpose to make someone's day and get them there safely," Williams said.

He says he never thought this would be his way of meeting people from all walks of life.

"It made me respect all different kinds of people," he said.

Whether driving around town for Lyft or driving down the field, Wendell Williams says he's coming out a winner.