CANTON, Texas -- Sixty miles from Dallas, you can lose your way among a crop of 9-foot tall corn.

"They quite honestly want to be lost for a little bit. They don't want to be lost for the whole day, but they want to be lost for a little bit and have to find their way through the corn," said Chuck Bozeman of Yesterland Farm.

For the past 17 years, Chuck Bozeman and his wife, Kama, have worked to turn their backyard in Canton into an amusement park that draws thousands of guests each year. This corn maze is their main attraction. Seeds are planted at the end of July as the maze's path is carefully carved. What you may not know is that as the maze grows, it sends a message that can bee see only from the sky.

Thanks to our WFAA drone, we're able to see Yesterland farm from a whole new angle.

From the air, the cornfield reads "Twistertown established 2017"

"To kind of, in a funny way, commemorate the day that we had a tornado come through our town," Chuck said.

That tornado came through in April. It caused a quarter of a million dollars to their property, but just three months later, they were planting corn.

For the Bozeman's, it's become a yearly tradition.

"We want the Cowboys to win the Superbowl, so that we can put them in our maze," Kama said.

Here's what the maze looked like in 2012 -- that's country singer Neal McCoy carved into corn as part of a charity event.

"The challenge in this is to come up with a unique design that's still challenging for the guest to come out and find their way through," Chuck said.

And as they approach the harvest season, we gave them one more look at their work from the air.

"That's the part you want to see, make sure that you even spelled it right," Chuck said. "I think you did really good," Kama said.