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Getting desperate? Men contemplate attempting grooming during stay-at-home order

Is it risky to 'do it yourself'? One stylist says go for it

FORT WORTH, Texas — It is the topic dominating conversations at dinner tables and on Facebook these days: What should men do with their growing hair while their barbers are closed?

Some are asking their spouses or partners, who have no experience, to cut their hair. Others are debating buzzing it all off.

But before you make any rash decisions, we asked Benjamin Novak Hudgins, owner of Novak Hair Studios in Fort Worth, for advice.

Can someone with no experience cut a man's hair?

Absolutely, Hudgins said. 

He said you can either enlist a partner or do it yourself, and you don’t need any experience doing it before. You just need a comb and an electric clipper (or scissors). Keep it simple! Don’t try to mimic the hairdresser or give yourself a new style.

Just trim up “right around the edges,” Hudgins said. “So sticking right around the face, right over the ears, right along the neckline.”

He said to use a comb in those areas to show where the hair has gotten too long and simply cut the hair along the line.

For a step-by-step lesson, he made this easy-to-follow video: 

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Should you attempt to cut the top of your hair?

“I would suggest to leave the top shape alone," Hudgins said. "Really what I would do is up the amount of product that you’re putting in it.” 

Can you seriously do this by yourself?

Yes, Hudgins said. But he gave specific instructions if you’re going to attempt to do your back neckline alone.

“The only thing that’s going to change if you are doing it yourself is in the back, obviously you don’t want to cut deep into your hair cut and have a new hairline,” he said. “Whenever you’re feeling back there, use your hand to hold the hair so you don’t go above where your fingers are.”

Should you color your hair?

Hudgins recommends against that.

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