DALLAS — Terry Black’s Barbecue just opened up a new location in Deep Ellum – and they’re serving up a new drink to celebrate its Dallas location. 

The 11,000-square-foot Deep Ellum location is only the second Terry Black’s Barbecue location outside of Austin. It will be run by Terry Black’s son, Mark Black. 

“My families come from Lockhart. They’ve been at it since 1932, and we opened up Terry Black’s in Austin in 2014,” Black said. “We wanted to bring our family heritage and history to Deep Ellum.”

The Dallas restaurant is located on Main Street and has its own free parking lot.

Five 1,000-gallon smokers sit near the entrance to the restaurant, where free tours are offered. 

“That’s kind of the whole point,” Black said. “We put them right here so everybody can come and see what we’re doing. Kind of experience it all. And we can show them what we’re cooking.”

The Dallas location is roughly twice the size of Terry Black’s Barbecue in Austin. The only other difference between the two restaurants is the full bar in Dallas.

And there’s a special drink you can get at Terry Black’s Barbecue in the Big D: A frozen black margarita. And due to demand, it will now be served at the Austin location. 

Terry Black's margarita
Terry Black's Barbecue has a signature black margarita.

“In honor of Terry Black’s name,” Terry Black’s Barbecue General Manager Robert Talamantez said. “When you first start sipping on it, you’re going to get that real nice cool sweetness, and you’ll finish off with a little bit of smokiness. And you’ll definitely taste the tequila inside.”

But don’t ask the bartenders at Terry Black’s Barbecue what gives the black margarita its signature color.

Rudy’s Ritas of Dallas created the concoction. Owner Rudy Arredondo told WFAA there are only three people who know the recipe. Rudy’s Ritas simply drops off the pre-made mix at Terry Black’s Barbecue, where bartenders just add liquor.

Terry Black’s Barbecue is located at 3025 Main Street in Dallas.

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