DALLAS -- As a graphic designer for a radio station group, Taylor Walker figured, eventually, someone would make the joke.

“My dad definitely says I have a face for radio,” he said.

Turns out, his face might actually be worth some serious cash -- and it’s clear why.

“I’ve never won anything like this and this time I won it with my face,” he said.

Taylor has a handlebar mustache. His luck started when he was walking to lunch one day.

“Two girls came up to me and they’re like, ‘We wanna take a picture with you. We like your mustache and stuff,’ and I was like, ‘OK, cool,'" he recalled.

So they took a picture. Turns out, those women work for Wahl Grooming and each year they travel the country looking for the best facial hair in America.

Taylor, who’s in a band, says his mustache has come to define him.

“I use the mustache to sign my name sometimes,” he said.

Eventually, the search for Dallas’ best facial hair was trimmed to a few finalists before Taylor was named “Wahl’s Man of Dallas.”

Now he’s one of 11 finalists for best facial hair in America. If he wins, he’ll get some cash and become the face of a new ad campaign. Plus, he'll have a new reputation.

“This definitely opens up the possibility that 'Oh, now everybody’s gonna know me by my face,'” he said.

He’ll also have the satisfaction of living without a hair in the world better than his.

Voting ends on Thursday. Go here to cast your vote!