For six decades, David Edward Young’s family tree had no roots.

“Most people are very proud of their heritage, where they come from, their grandparents, their great grandparents and all that and I never had any of that, until six months ago,” David said.

Growing up in New Jersey, David always knew he was adopted, but never knew why.

“And I never made any inquiry, I never asked about it,” he said. “I never gave much thought to it.”

Neither did he give much thought to whether any brothers or sisters were looking for him.

Eventually, though, curiosity got the best of him. So a few years ago, with the help of his daughter Heather, David took a DNA test through the website

“I remember distinctly it was $99 and thinking is this worth it,” he asked.

The results gave him nothing. That test couldn’t find any record that David had any biological family anywhere.

Until a couple years later, when a woman halfway across the country took her own test and told him, ‘I think I’m your cousin.’

“And my response to her was, ‘Lisa, this is a crazy idea, but I think I may be your uncle,’” David said. “And it turns out I was.”

At the age of 68, David learned he not only had one biological brother, but six.

So far, he’s tracked down three.

He’s spoken with two of them by phone and now met one.

“How are you brother,” David asked as his brother walked through the door.

This week, David’s oldest brother, William Young, traveled to Dallas from Colorado for a reunion 69 years in the making.

And although they’re still looking for three of their brothers, this moment gives them hope.

“It was worth it,” David said. “Absolutely worth it. Worth the time and effort.”

“I don’t know what to say now,” William said. “I’m just totally lost now.”

For more information regarding the Young siblings, or to help in their search, you can email or find them on Facebook by searching “Find My Uncles.”