ARLINGTON, Texas -- Simplicity is part of the allure of Alli Koch's work.

"Nature in itself isn't perfect, so I think that's what gives it that ease and comfort of drawing, when I draw it, I don't have to make it perfect on paper," Koch said.

Black and white drawings of flowers have gained her tens of thousands of followers on Instagram. It's a skill she's happy to teach others the lessons captured in her book "How to Draw Modern Florals." She'll pass them on to hundreds of Pinterest followers in person this weekend in Arlington.

For two days in Arlington, those ideas come to life in a series of workshops -- it's all part of the Pinners Conference.

Pinterest is a social media network. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, it's focused on sharing ideas.

"Those ideas that you've been pinning or seeing online come to life. You get the hands-on experience with all the cool things you've been seeing," said conference organizer Roxanne Bennett.

Allison Lauderdale started making these wood burning pieces when she needed decor for her own wedding. Since then, she's turned her newfound skill into a thriving business.

"I think it's really fun to see people be passionate about something and be successful in what they are passionate about and when you can make money doing something you love, it is always fun."

Both Alli and Allison are doing what they love and both are making money off their art -- something they never thought would happen.

"It's definitely a happy surprise, and I wouldn't trade it for the world," Koch said.