DALLAS-- Love knows no age.

Mary Massey was a 5-year-old patient at Cook Children's Hospital and suffered from cystic fibrosis and chronic pneumonia all her life.

Doctors told Massey and her family that she was not expected to live much longer due to her worsening condition.

Massey had a 6-year-old friend Damien. The two had been friends all their lives.

Kayla Parker, Massey's mother says the couple had been planning their wedding since they were two years old - it had always been their dream to marry on another.

Damien even proposed to Massey to show just how serious he was.

Parker and Damien's mother decided to fulfill Massey's wish of marrying her best friend after doctors said she wasn't expected to live much longer.

On Thursday evening, the little ones' dream came true.

Massey wore a dress and crown and Damien was dressed in a suit. The "ceremony" was complete with rings, a cake with their favorite Disney characters and sealed with a hug.

Sadly, 6 short hours later, Massey passed away.

Parker says even though Massey is gone, their memories of her will live on.

At this time, Massey's family friend is raising money for her funeral costs. To find out how you can help, click here.