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The internet can’t decide whether a Sesame Street character dropped an F-bomb on TV

Some are accusing Sesame Street's Grover of crediting his pal with a "f***ing excellent idea."

F is for “frog,” if you listen to the Sesame Street “Alphabet Song,” but a clip from the long-running kids show floating around Twitter has some thinking of another F-word.

That’s right. People just can’t decide if Grover, a beloved blue monster who often waits tables at Charlie’s Restaurant, dropped an F-bomb on TV.

The clip in question shows Grover talking excitedly to Rosita, a bilingual turquoise monster, about a camera. What’s not exactly clear to the ears of the internet is whether Grover thinks moving the camera is “a f***ing excellent idea.”

The odds are against those with their minds in the gutter on this one. The other side of the argument, and almost assuredly what the script would prove true, is that Grover tells Rosita that moving the camera “sounds like a great idea.”

For the record, this unbiased writer hears whichever he tries to hear – including a rather emphatic F-bomb.

Many Twitter users had the same joke in reference to the viral clip: Maybe the expletive is in play since Sesame Street now airs on HBO – a network that’s no stranger to F-words or other graphic adult content.

Sesame Street made the move to HBO in 2015 after nearly a half-century on PBS.

Alas, despite the creative liberty that may come with an HBO contract, Sesame Street is not likely to bombard kids’ ears with profanity. As the New Yorker wrote in January, the move “has not harmed the institution.” The Los Angeles Times wrote that the union was “an obvious win-win for both parties."

Sesame Street still runs new episodes on PBS, months after their debut on HBO.