Monday, August 26
It’s National Dog Day! Paige is live from Pooch where you can go to pamper your pet--It’s a paradise for paws. Plus, we introduce you to dogs who need a forever home. Then, get this! There’s a dating app for dog lovers. And, we’re telling you where your dog can celebrate the end of summer with a pool party just for them. 

Tuesday, August 27
Every family has a secret. Actress Julianne Moore takes GMT live behind the scenes of her new movie, “After the Wedding.” Then, sneakers aren’t just for working out anymore. We show you cute sneaker trends you can wear with jeans or even dresses. And, “The Buddy Holly Story”  is coming to Casa Manana in Fort Worth! We give you a sneak peek of the show with a rockin’ performance.

Wednesday, August 28
Actor John Travolta discusses his new film, “The Fanatic,” a movie that hits a little close to home for the award-winning actor. Plus, it’s almost Labor Day Weekend...Paige is taking us to Meat Church to learn how to make real Texas BBQ. Then, Julia Jeffress Sadler lost three babies in one year. When she began asking God for big things, she was blessed with triplets, a national reality television show and more. She stops by with her new book, “Pray Big Things.” 

Thursday, August 29
The weekend is the perfect time for a road trip...especially Labor Day Weekend! We’ll highlight three of the best Texas road trips you don’t want to miss. Plus, Texas-themed hats for little outdoorsmen. Cool hats for toddlers that like to get dirty, and they’re made right here in Texas! Plus, this weekend is the Riverfront Jazz Festival. We get a sneak peek of the event with a performance. And, beautiful pearl and gem stone jewelry that delights and is inspired by the natural beauty of Indonesia. Designer Diana Bandoh is in studio. 

Friday, August 30
Hunger Busters focuses on feeding kids and fueling futures by providing a much-needed third meal of the day to insecure children in DISD through it’s “Feed the Need” after school program. Then, experience two Texas traditions during Labor Day weekend. And...we get a preview of the Bedford Blues & BBQ Festival.