Monday, August 19
Texas has a new distinction as the most robo-called state. In June alone, there were more than 507 million calls received. GMT shows you how to protect yourself and to get your number off the list of those pesky calls. We’ll also show you new stories and videos that made us say OMG over the weekend. Plus … Back and neck pain are problems for many people … and it sure can be intimidating looking for help. Then, get ready for a totally rad place to rest your head. You won’t believe the ‘90s themed Airbnb here in Dallas.

Tuesday, August 20
Kids are back in school and older students are headed back to campus. Besides a bed and a laptop, what are the other essentials they need in a dorm room or an apartment? We’ve got some great ideas. to own your anxiety to shift from debilitating to facilitating. And, how to get rid of the dirt and oil in your hair without using shampoo. 

Wednesday, August 21
One in three U.S. adults are at risk of developing chronic kidney disease. Most adults don’t even know they have it. Diet is a vital part of slowing the disease’s progression, so we’ve invited a registered dietitian to show us how to make a “kidney-friendly” summer meal from their new cookbook “Summer Cooldown.” Plus … we’re checking out hot new black hair fall style trends. And …there’s a special exhibit coming up between Texas artists and craftsmen in Nairobi, Kenya at the South Dallas Cultural Center. We’ll get a preview.

Thursday, August 22
It’s not a party without balloons. Learn how you can create beautiful balloonscapes without helium. Wait until you see how easy it is to put together these awesome creations. Plus … we’re inside a sizzling jazz club that hosts the likes of local crooner Hunter Sullivan and others on a weekly basis. Step inside the cool at The Clover Club. Then, fashion designer Lawrence Zarian is back in town to help teachers with back to school fashions.  And, backpacks aren’t just for kids! The old trend that’s making a huge comeback for adults from athleisure to neutrals.

Friday, August 23
Sing along to "Pure Imagination," "The Candy Man," and "I've Got a Golden Ticket". Roald Dahl's timeless tale of Willy Wonka’s mysterious chocolate factory is now North Texas’ golden ticket, and GMT treats you to a performance from the cast of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. And … speaking of the sweet stuff, we’ve got some award winning chocolatiers on set to sample their goods. Y-U-M …Then, it’s Dance Party Friday! We’ll host LaBlast Fitness and Louis Van Amstel (Dancing with the Stars)