It’s been almost 20 years since Latoya Moppins and her son Eric were homeless.

Latoya says they might still be living on the streets, if not for one crazy decision.

“It saved my life. It really did. It saved my kid's life,” she said.

After getting a small job and low-income housing, Latoya invested everything she had into the most unlikely business.

“Pickles!” she exclaimed from her store in Dallas.

Not just any pickles -- every flavor you’ve never wanted to try. Flavors like peppermint, apple spice, and red velvet cake.

Latoya Moppins
Latoya Moppins

A lot of people have told Latoya she’s crazy.

“And they’re absolutely right, I am crazy,” she said.

But she swears, there’s something magic about her pickles.

“Tongue teasin’ and palate pleasin’,” Latoya said, laughing about her trademark motto.

At first, though, she never even planned on having a pickle business. She only made flavored pickles at home, for her kids, until one day her son said she should sell them.

“I lost my job, I didn’t have any money, I barely had a piece of car, but I had pickles,” said Latoya. “It saved me. It saved us.”

Today, she can relish in pickle success.

She has her own house, a steady paycheck. Plus a loyal, and growing, fan base.

“Alright! They’re ready to get gherkinized,” she told a group of customers in line.

Latoya says she’s never had more fun in her life, but she also hasn’t forgotten where she came from. Which is why a lot of the money she brings in, she gives right back.

Latoya recently started a non-profit called Angels With Open Arms with the goal of one day ending homelessness in North Texas.

“I know what it’s like to eat out of trash cans,” she said. “So for me, living that, I would be selfish to have a business and not give back something.”

Which really does make her a big dill.

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