WFAA reporter Sean Giggy spent much of his youth surrounded by country music and corn dogs, and was certain the only way the North Texas Fair and Rodeo could surprise him is if the pigs could fly.

But a swimming pig show was unexpected.

Swine master Shannon Johnson was supposed to have a career in sales.

“Until I met my husband,” Shannon said. “And he talked me into racing and swimming pigs.”

Her husband grew up with animals and thought it might be a good way to make a living. It’s been 20 years and Swifty the swimming swine is still bringing home the bacon.

Even if it takes a while, which it did the day we were there.

By the time his pork belly hits the water, it’s a short swim. Then, he’s served to the crowd as a pig in a blanket.

“A lot of people had no idea pigs could even swim,” Shannon said.

But they go hog wild once they see the show.

“That was totally awesome and it was so cute,” one spectator said.

“I think he was being a little ham,” another spectator added.

While they do have pig races too, Swifty’s tender loins are the main attraction, and Shannon makes one guarantee: this little guy won’t “boar” you.

“Nobody leaves mad from the pig race,” she said. “They just have a great time and think it’s a lot of fun. We have the best job in the world.”

Sounds like someone’s in hog heaven.