Twenty years ago, if you wanted to make your heinie a little more tiny, you turned to one woman from Dallas.

Donna Richardson was the face behind your behind. Her popular workout, Buns of Steel, sold more than 10 million copies. However, after two decades, VHS tapes got old and Donna still felt young.

So she did what millennials do: She bought a tiny house.

“Now I can say I have buns of AARP,” Donna said with a laugh.

Fashion is Donna’s new passion.

“You always want to reinvent yourself and this has allowed me to do that,” she said.

About a year ago, she started an online boutique and was trying to find a way to market her new clothing line when, one night, she turned on HGTV.

“It was just like God spoke to me,” she said.

What the Lord said was, "Donna, you belong in a tiny house."

“I felt like God blew me a kiss,” she said.

By all accounts, this fitness guru owns the only business run out of a tiny house in the country.

“That’s a heck of a transition,” Donna laughed.

Which makes her a big deal in this tiny world.

In fact, she’s so admired, she was recently invited to be a featured guest at the tiny house national convention.

“I am a tiny house member now and I’m proud of it,” she said.

She still does fitness and will put a boot in your glute to get you in shape. But her main devotion is her tiny house.

And Donna claims, although she’s traded the leotard for lace, her purpose is the same.

“If you still are instilling in people, sewing into people good seeds, you’re always going to have a good harvest," she said.

Or at the very least, buns of steel.