DALLAS — If you've driven around Frisco, you may have seen Irene Mattison. If you do see the beloved crossing guard for Frisco ISD, you won't soon forget her. 

"She's just a superstar. That's what I call her," said Irene's husband Brian Mattison.

Mattison is a sight to behold as she helps get kids to and from school. She sings, jokes, dances and hops until every child has crossed the street safely. The district employee is so expressive, drivers will pull over to get a selfie or ask about her story. She says it's simple and everyday it starts with a choice. 

"Every morning I get up and say thank you to God, and then I choose to be positive," Mattison said. 

Mattison started working with Frisco ISD about four years ago. Since then, her supervisors say they keep getting emails, messages and tweets about her bright personality. 

"People just love her. One of my friends drives out of her way just so she can see Irene every day," said parent Angela Benner.

Benner's children go to a nearby school and she says Mattison has become a part of their neighborhood community. Her visible love for her job and the children makes parents feel at ease sending their kids to school.

"We bring her gifts during the holidays, and we all socialize together. She just makes you want to be a happier person," Benner said. 

That positivity rubs off on students too. Teachers say Mattison will bring even the shyest child out of their shell and make them excited to head to school. She'll dole out nicknames and make each child feel special. 

"She just loves life and she loves what she does. What makes me so proud is that she's making in impact," Mattison said. 

So if you see a vibrant woman holding up traffic while children walk by, you can say you've spotted a celebrity right here in North Texas. 

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