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'The Family Chantel': Pedro Confronts Chantel About Badmouthing Him to His Mom (Exclusive)

'The Family Chantel': Pedro Confronts Chantel About Badmouthing Him to His Mom (Exclusive)

Pedro and Chantel are fighting once again in this exclusive clip from Monday's new episode of The Family Chantel, this time about Chantel going to see Pedro's mother, Lidia, to talk about their intense marriage problems.

Despite Chantel and Lidia's rocky history, a desperate Chantel reached out to Lidia in the Dominican Republic during last week's episode since Pedro stopped talking to her. Pedro said he wanted a separation and Chantel wanted to save their marriage and asked his mother for advice. However, in this exclusive clip, it's clear Pedro definitely didn't appreciate the gesture and confronts Chantel about it. Chantel isn't apologetic and says Pedro also talks badly about her to her own mom.

"I didn't go to your mom's house to badmouth you," she heatedly tells him. "I went to your mom's house to show you that I'm willing to work on our relationship to make things better. Sorry if you don't appreciate it."

Chantel slams the door in Pedro's face but eventually opens the door back up. She notes that the two are staying in separate rooms at the hotel, which she's still shocked at and calls "ridiculous."

"I feel like I've been fighting for our relationship to work," she tells cameras. "It's turned into each of us in separate corners fighting against each other. It feels like a twisted game of cat and mouse. This is not what I've ever imagined, like, I don't want to be chasing my husband for attention and affection and conversation."

The Family Chantel airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.

Pedro filed for divorce from Chantel in May and the two both filed restraining orders against one another. In Chantel's answer to Pedro's divorce filing, she makes explosive allegations, citing the reason for the divorce as adultery on his behalf. She also accuses him of "cruel treatment" by including "physical domestic violence, as well as mental pain." In the court documents, she states that "the marriage is irretrievably broken with no hope of reconciliation."


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