Thanks to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, you can become a little more cultured without even looking up from your phone.

With the museum’s new “send me” feature, you can get art on-demand by simply telling the museum how you’re feeling.

Here’s how it works:

Send a text to 572-51, using the words “send me” followed by a word or even an emoji. Within seconds, you’ll get a response with a photo of fine art that fits the bill and its name.

The “send me” feature is a sign of the times for what SFMOMA bills as a new-and-improved museum.

In May of last year, the expanded museum officially reopened after being shuttered for three years. According to its website, the SFMOMA now offers three times as much gallery space to showcase more of its 34,678-piece collection. The texting feature is sure to get more eyeballs on more art.

The museum also offers free admission to those younger than 18 years old. And hey, what better way to cater to young people than by sending art straight to the palm of their hand?