MIDLOTHIAN, Texas — It started when her youngest son was 4, but took her almost a decade to finish.

"Sweeter on the Vine" is a deeply personal song for Anna Terry, a Midlothian mother of two boys, now 13 and 19 years old. But it's also a song many mothers can relate to.

"The song is sort of celebrating the different stages of your child," Terry said. "And the aspect of letting go is definitely prevalent ... because through each stage you're having to let go of something."

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While Terry started to write the song almost 10 years ago, life got hectic, with both of her boys in school and active in sports. Her job as a mother left her little time to complete the song.

But then her eldest son turned 17 and his search for a college began. Emotions once again began to rise and Terry picked up where she left off.

"You train your children to be independent," Terry said of the emotional moment of letting go. "You train them to be good people, to make a difference in the world. And when they actually leave, it's something. I never knew I'd be this emotional."

Four days before Mother's Day, Terry released the song and video, which she directed and where both of her sons make appearances.

The video was a finalist for the International Short Film Competition for USA Film Festival and an official selection for the 2018 Inspired Faith Film Festival and Female Filmmakers Film Festival.

You can purchase and download the song here.