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Rebecca Lopez

Rebecca Lopez is the senior crime and justice reporter at WFAA in Dallas, TX. ​She joined the station in April of 1998.
Rebecca Lopez

Rebecca Lopez is the senior crime and justice reporter at WFAA in Dallas, TX. She joined the station in April of 1998.

She has covered the Dallas Police Department since 2003. Over the years she has broken some of the biggest stories at the Dallas Police Department including the day DPD headquarters came under attack by suspect James Boulware. Rebecca has also covered multiple national stories including the Oklahoma City bombing, the siege at the Branch Davidian Compound in Waco, the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster and most recently the ambush of 5 officers in downtown Dallas.

1) Who are you? I grew up in Odessa, Texas. My nickname was The Odessa American because I always knew everything going on in the neighborhood. So, I guess I was destined to be a reporter.

I graduated from Odessa Permian( MOJO) It’s the high school that was made famous by Friday Night Lights. That is why I am passionate about football and sports.

I left Odessa in 1984 for North Texas State University where I graduated with a degree in Radio, Television, Film. A professor encouraged me to get take some broadcast classes and the rest is history. I interned at KDFW in 1988. That year I also met my mentor Gloria Campos. She inspired me and helped me put together my first resume tape. 10 years later I was working at WFAA.

I worked in Midland Odessa, Corpus, Christi, Austin, Phoenix and WFAA. I have covered some of the biggest stories in our nation’s history including the Oklahoma City Bombing, The Space Shuttle Columbia crash and the murders of 5 Dallas Police officers.

I have won 4 Emmy Awards, A National Murrow Award, and numerous community service awards.

2) What are your interests? I have often asked myself why I have stayed in Television news for so long. It’s because I love being a voice for those with no voice. I am passionate about covering crime and justice and issues impacting women and children.

When, I am not out covering stories I love to spend time with my son and family.

HE and I enjoy traveling and doing fun and exciting things. We also loving exploring new cool and hip spots in Dallas/Fort Worth. We also love going to sporting events! We are big Cowboys, Mavs, Rangers and Stars fans.

3) What do you like about working at WFAA? My dream was to work at WFAA when I was in college a professor told me to write my goals down. I wrote down that I wanted to work at WFAA within 10 years after graduating. 10 years later I was working at WFAA!! Dreams do come true. The station has given me the opportunity to meet some of the best people in the world. I have interviewed famous and infamous people. Among my most interesting are Oprah Winfrey, Bill Cosby, Justin Timberlake, Cicely Tyson, Viola Davis, Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, Adian Beltre, Bishop T. D. Jakes and Henry Lee Lucas.

4) What's one thing people would be surprised to learn about you? The first concert I ever attended was Elvis Presley. I also saw Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Barry Manilow multiple times. I am a huge Barry Manilow fan and was president of his fan club in Odessa where I grew up. I know the words to almost every one of his songs.

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