David Schechter is a reporter, host and co-producer of Verify Road Trip from WFAA-TV (in Dallas, TX) and TEGNA Media.

1) Who are you? David is the reporter/host and co-producer of Verify Road Trip from WFAA-TV and TEGNA Media. He takes real people on the road so they can ask their own question, see what he sees and reach their own conclusions. Verify was designed to provide viewers with an approach to storytelling that is significantly different from what local news has traditionally offered. David is also a two-time winner of a national Murrow Award, a two-time Scripps Howard winner, a University of Michigan graduate, and a Poynter Institute Ethics Fellow.

2) What are your interests? David loves meeting people. He’s endlessly curious and fascinated with how things work. At home, he’s the family’s short-order breakfast cook and the maker of killer lattes. And if you follow him on Instagram you’ll quickly learn that he loves to eat sweets all day, every Saturday.

3) What do you like about working at WFAA? David is passionate about working at WFAA because it provides him with the freedom to take risks and pursue innovative new ideas. He appreciates the comradery, the shared dedication to doing great work and the station’s commitment to keeping good people.

4) What's one thing people would be surprised to learn about you? Growing up, David played guitar (poorly) in a rock band called Surgeon General. He still has his old red Stratocaster. It’s collecting dust.

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