Bradley Blackburn is a reporter and multimedia journalist at WFAA at the Fort Worth, Texas Bureau.

1) Who are you? I'm a reporter and multimedia journalist based in WFAA’s Fort Worth Bureau. While I cover stories across DFW, I love having Fort Worth as my home base. I'm a proud native Texan, growing up in The Woodlands near Houston.

I've worked as journalist more than ten years, starting my career at ABC News in New York where I produced for ABC World News.  The job took me across the country, learning from some of the best correspondents and anchors in the business.  I later moved to Miami to help launch Fusion, a cable news network and website.  

I graduated from Columbia University in New York where I studied political science and history.  Columbia is also where I met my wife.  We were both part of the campus television station.

 2) What are your interests? As a multimedia journalist, I love the chance to craft stories from beginning to end.  I shoot, write and edit many of my pieces.  I’ve been fascinated by journalism since I was a kid, and many of my interests have become a part of my job.  I love photography, reading and traveling – all things I now get paid to do!  I also enjoy skiing, kayaking and cooking.  I haven’t figured out how to get paid for those yet.

 3) What do you like about working at WFAA? I ’m proud to work at WFAA because I believe it’s one of the best places to be a journalist anywhere in the country.  This station has a storied history, but we’re encouraged every day to find new ways to tell stories.  We’re trusted to dig in deep and be innovative, and we care deeply about the people we cover. 

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