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Alex Rozier

I’m most thankful for the people I’ve met along the way.
Credit: WFAA

Alex Rozier is a reporter at WFAA in Dallas, TX.

1) Who are you? I am a son, brother, friend, and professional storyteller.

I was born and raised in Minnesota. I grew up in the small town of Virginia in Minnesota’s St. Louis County. As you can see, the people who named my home are very creative. 😊 From there, I traveled to Columbia, Missouri and graduated from the Missouri School of Journalism. After I left Missouri I spent three great years anchoring the weekend news for the NBC affiliate in Spokane, Washington, followed by five incredible years reporting for the NBC affiliate in Seattle. In April of 2019, I started this journey in Dallas and I look forward to making this area my home.

I’ve had success working in journalism. I’ve won three National Edward R. Murrow awards and three Emmy awards too. But I’m most thankful for the people I’ve met along the way. My job provides me with the great opportunity to meet many people on the best days of their lives, but sadly sometimes I meet people during tough times. No matter how they’ve come into my life, I’m grateful for their kindness and trust. 

I now look forward to sharing stories in North Texas. But I can’t do it without all of you. Please send me your ideas at any time. 

2) What are your interests? 

I like to think I’m a pretty fun (and funny) guy. My friends probably disagree. Ha! When I’m not working you can, hopefully, find me out on the Katy Trail. If it’s nice outside I really enjoy a day at the pool. On a Friday night, I’ll spend time checking out good restaurants and bars in Dallas. I’d appreciate any suggestions. I also enjoy traveling. Because I’ve never lived in Texas before, so I know I have a lot of exploring to do. In a perfect world, there are many Texas road trips in my future.

3) What do you like about working at WFAA?

I’ve spent my entire career working toward this opportunity. Though I have never lived in this state, I have known about WFAA my whole career. This station is filled with professionals who earn some of the most prestigious awards in journalism every single year.

But I’ll tell you what I really like about WFAA.

This station is not only filled with good journalists. It’s filled with good journalists who are good people. The men and women who work here care deeply about this community and one another.

I am honored to be on this incredible team. 

4) What's one thing people would be surprised to learn about you? 

I have wanted to work in television news since I was 4. Seriously. I’m a bit of a loser. My mother asked me what I wanted for my 5th birthday and I said I wanted to meet Robyne Robinson, a legendary news anchor in Minneapolis. Amazingly, my parents made it happen. I met Robyne at a speaking engagement in Hudson, Wisconsin. 

The cool part is that we’ve kept in touch my whole life. She advised me on where I should go to college and played a role in determining where I work. In 2019 she called and told me that she was being inducted into the Minnesota Broadcaster Hall of Fame. She asked if I would sit at her table. It was a moment I will never forget. 

Robyne has since left the tv business, but she’s now watching my career. There’s one other thing I want to tell you. Prior to her job in Minneapolis, Robyne worked in Dallas… at WFAA. 

None of this would be possible without my incredible parents. I am so grateful for their love and positive influence in my life. They have worked so hard so that my brother and I can live our dreams.

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