Terminally ill student's wish is to meet LeBron James

Kyle's No. 1 dream is to meet LeBron James.

Kyle Osborne was preparing for his senior year of high school when leg and back pain began to bother him.

His father took him to a doctor and an MRI quickly changed Kyle's life.

The MRI revealed that Kyle had several tumors growing on his brain and spine. Kyle was admitted to a hospital and soon learned he had Stage 1 Myxopapillary Ependymoma Metatasis, an extremely rare form of cancer.

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Kyle is the third person in the U.S. to be diagnosed with the form of cancer, and has more tumors than the other patients.

Kyle underwent surgery in April 2016 to have the tumors removed. He had to endure rehab to learn how to walk again, but after a month in the hospital, he was sent home.

But the tumors returned within five months and Kyle was diagnosed as terminal.

Though he continues to fight and defy the odds, Kyle has drafted his bucket list. At the top, fittingly, sits the king. King James, that is.

Kyle's No. 1 dream is to meet LeBron James. Though Kyle was diagnosed when he was 18, he became ineligible for Make-A-Wish when he turned 19.

Laura Onorato, a health care provider who worked with Kyle's former stepmother, heard about Kyle's story and decided to take action.

She took a photo of Kyle and posted it to Twitter, saying, "This is Kyle. He is 19 w/terminal cancer. His wish is to meet @KingJames before he dies. Please help us reach him by retweeting #KylesWish."

Since the tweet was posted April 21, it's been retweeted more than 4,000 times. A GoFundMe page for Kyle has raised just over $5,000.

Now, the movement to unite Kyle with LeBron James has taken flight on Twitter. Supporters are using the hashtag #KylesWish and are tweeting at James, his foundation and the Cleveland Cavaliers in attempt to set up a meeting.

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"It just struck me as something that seemed really unfortunate," Onorato said. "Every kid deserves a wish, so I got on Twitter, said a prayer and sent this message out to the world!"