See the message left for LeBron James at his Akron home

See how one fan celebrated by leaving a special message for LeBron James at his house.

AKRON, Ohio -- Quiet and calm.

That was the atmosphere outside LeBron James’ home in Akron.

While his hometown celebrated the Cavs’ victory against the Golden State Warriors in Sunday night’s historic Game 7, a simple message was left behind for the self-proclaimed King: Congratulations.

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Effective. Simple. Perfect.

Using two colorful balloons tied to the mailbox across the street from LeBron's mansion, one fan easily got their point across while honoring the MVP.

Although others were spotted driving by to record a quick video or snap a pic of LeBron's digs, these balloons were the only items left for LeBron as of 1:30 a.m. Monday.

Well deserved.

These balloons were left outside LeBron James' home early Monday morning shortly after the Cavs won the championship against the Golden State Warriors.