TCU's Patterson rants about Oklahoma, Mayfield

It's the holiday season. Thanksgiving has come and gone. People are putting up Christmas Trees. Hanukah starts in two weeks.

But apparently TCU head football coach Gary Patterson celebrates Festivus. Because his press conference Tuesday at TCU was a full-on airing of grievances.

It began with Patterson talking about the scuffle between Baylor and TCU last week.

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"You saw the head coach at TCU out past the 50 yard line stopping a whole football team from going across the field the other day," Patterson said. "And I'm disappointed nobody brought that up."

But his real issue:

"The sidelines at Oklahoma."

November 11th, TCU played in Norman.

"The bottom line is they had a great recruiting weekend, that weekend. And we couldn't get on the field. Either side," Patterson said.

So when TCU did try to get onto the field, Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield hit a TCU player with a throw. Sooners head coach Lincoln Riley said "things like that can happen", when you "run through a team's stretching lines".

"TCU in 20 years has never run through anybody's stretch lines," Patterson argued. "We don't act that way."

And Patterson balked hard at the idea that Mayfield's throw was an accident.

"Baker played at Texas Tech. And Lincoln was at Texas Tech. And I have a coach that was at Texas Tech. And it was common practice," Patterson said. "And there was a pretty well known Texas Tech quarterback that hit a guy from A&M in the head. And they all thought it was funny."

It was no holds barred, today.

"But I'm not gonna make this game, because it's a Championship Game, about all that stuff," Patterson, who also mentioned later in the press conference that he "misses Bobby Stoops", said.

Well, Coach... I think just may have.