Tank's crushing it; Taco? Not filling anything

Cowboys defensive end Demarcus Lawrence is second in the NFL in sacks, with 9.5.

"Coach is putting me in great positions to make plays," Lawrence says. "Plus I've got a dominant front with me, so it's helping me out a lot."

By contrast, first round pick Taco Charlton still yet to record a sack in his young career. He's only six games in -- but he has heard about it from the fans.

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"I mean, that's going to come," Charlton says of the criticism. "You can't make everyone happy. I mean, even Lebron -- what can you negatively say about Lebron James? -- and people still try to find something to say.

"Not saying that I'm up there in that level, but I'm just saying, no matter how good you are, people are going to say negative things about you. But I understand. People are impatient. I'm impatient, myself. So, I know how I feel, and I know my expectations of myself, so, I gotta just keep working."

It hasn't been a great start -- only four tackles for Charlton, and only twice has he pressured the quarterback, in six games.

But Lawrence remembers, being a rookie defensive end is no easy task.

"I mean, everybody's strong, everybody's big, everybody's fast," Lawrence says. "It comes down to technique and effort. And that's what he's learning."

So when's that first sack coming?

"Hey, man, I'm working. I'm feeling it," Charlton says. "I'm feeling close and I'm working hard. So hopefully very soon, and hopefully they come in bunches, and they keep coming."

That's how it was for Lawrence -- zero sacks in 7 games his rookie year. Then eight in year two. And now in year four, he's become a force.

The Cowboys can only hope Taco follows Tank's lead.