Lee Roy Jordan, Herschel Walker help preview National Championship

Georgia and Alabama play for a title Monday Night.

So we sat down with two guys who have national titles in their day, at these schools.

Running back Herschel Walker was part of Georgia's last championship, in 1980. And another former Cowboy, Alabama alum Lee Roy Jordan, won a title with the Crimson Tide in 1961.

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"That was the first championship for Coach Bryant," Jordan remembered fondly, "so that was really special for all the guys on the team."

These guys know what it is to play for a title, and they know what to expect on Monday.

"I think it's gonna be a really tremendous test for Alabama's defense," Jordan said knowingly.

"Georgia has has become the Running Back University," Walker said. "Those guys compliment each other. They talk about the thunder and lightning. Those guys are sort of that. Nick [Chubb] is strong. He's strong, and [Sony] Michel is quick."

"So they're gonna have to be at the top of their game," Jordan said, "to handle the offensive firepower that Georgia's got."

Of course, 'bama is no stranger to this stage. Four championships in the last nine years, and going for 5. And when you win that much...

"We'll be talking a bit of trash to each other," Jordan said with a laugh.

But Herschel's sick of hearing about how great the Crimson Tide are...

"I'm sorry you're in the National Championship Game against Alabama," Walker said sarcastically about his Bulldogs. "I'm sorry that you have to play what the papers are calling 'the baddest team in America'. But you know what, I'm excited about it. Because this is your opportunity to prove, you know what, you're a football player too."

No matter your rooting interest, Monday figures to be a good one.

"When Georgia and Alabama play, I guarantee you there's a lot of universities sitting there watching this game, wishing they were there," Walker said. "So these two teams gotta go out and battle."

Do we really have to wait til Monday?