Deion Sanders stumbles down "high road" after Romo jab

After an innocuous joke at Deion Sanders expense from Tony Romo during Sunday's game, Sanders spent the next day failing in his search for the high road

Halloween did the 'boys well. Sources say Tyron Smith dressed up as a literal anchor, Tank Lawrence as a cloth bag with a money sign on it, Jason Garrett as an NFL head coach, and Jerry Jones as a social activist. Costumes are fun and a good team building activity, so it can be cemented that the Cowboys win against the class of the AFC West was a direct result.

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As the page turned from the spooky and mysterious to thoughts of gravy and stretchy pants, acts of shade made their way through to Jerry World.

Of course we are not talking about the Dallas feud against the shining beacon of life in the sky, AKA the actual "Star". Cowboys nation should really drop this angle. After all, it hasn't been a factor in a game ever, and if there was a common sense solution available with existing technology you can bet your horse that it would have been implemented already.

The pettiness in question was between two ex-Cowboys: Hall of famer and former "Prime Prep" head honcho Deion Sanders and franchise Quarterback turned broadcaster/golfer/dad joke teller Tony Romo.

On Sunday, the Cowboys' old flame was in attendance to call his first game featuring his former team, and he received a heartfelt tribute to the good times shared on that big ol' screen he helped build.

A year ago, Romo gave an emotional and classy speech ceding the reins to a rookie Prescott, a thought unfathomable when training camp began. Just a few months prior, there was no one happier than Jerry Jones and Romo. Their plan had come to fruition. The offensive line was a leviathan, a collection of gargantuans tasked with keeping Romo's thinking time long and his body upright. Ezekiel Elliott was drafted to supplant Demarco Murray and be the complete back and Robin to his Batman.

Then Tony got injured in pre-season action and Dak came in and never looked back. After all the years and sacrifice of putting together a Romo friendly team to give Tony a chance at his own "Dirk Nowitzki moment", the roster was as talented and imposing as ever. It just wasn't for him anymore. The years of carrying mediocre rosters on his back took a toll his body could no longer pay.

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Relegated to a backup role for the remainder of 2016, rumors persisted in the off-season on his next move. In a shocker, Romo ended up supplanting Phil Simms as the lead analyst for CBS.

His personality and wit never really shone until the last few years of his playing career, but he's been a runaway hit in the broadcast booth.

Charming and insightful. Predicting plays left and right. It’s really hard not to like Tony Romo, but leave it to Deion Sanders to find a way.

We are all made of Stardust, probably. It just so happens that Romo's blood has a bit more blue than others. Look no further than his basketball court or his youngest child. But business is business, and his job now is to be unbiased and provide his honest opinion, even if it's not to his former team's liking. Hell, Troy Aikman has had it down for years.

Prescott gave Romo no reason to be petty, throwing two touchdowns to the Bease and running one in himself, capping off a statement win over the team the Cowboys ran out of town all those years ago.

Tony stayed objective throughout the broadcast. People waiting for some sort of Prescott vs. Romo beef to develop were left waiting. Yet on a seemingly unimportant play, Tony threw himself to the wolves. There's wolves in Prosper, right?

Ezekiel Elliott ran it by Marcus Peters, who obviously wanted no part of attempting to tackle Elliott.

Tony's call on the play:

"Peters doesn't want to tackle… he's really good out there at the corner on coverage but in tackling… he makes Deion Sanders look good at tackling sometimes", Tony said while Jim Nantz chuckled.

It was a football joke, one that many that remember Sanders' time as a shutdown corner and sometimes tackler would throw around at a Dallas BBQ while watching the same play.

No one listening could have taken it as a personal attack, well other than the man himself.

Prime Time, for all the jabs that he has thrown out over the years, seems to have pretty thin skin.

Tony's light-hearted line led to a visceral reaction from Sanders, saying "I got to come at you man" in a response on the NFL Network.

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“I tried my best to take the high road" -Sanders stated, and then we saw what he meant.

"Ten years as a starter, you’re 2-4 in the playoffs. You ain't won nothing."

This was a good jab back, if only it would have stopped there. But Prime Time really wanted to keep dressing Tony down and continued.

"I tried to bury the hatchet."

Burying the hatchet would refer to a peaceful resolution between two parties that share fault. This "feud" has been pretty one-sided for over a decade.

"Dak says hi. And bye. "

Once again a solid line, if it was delivered as a good-hearted clapback, but Sanders' just couldn't contain himself.

"Tony, leave me alone, man. I have got a lot of ammunition, man. How many interceptions, 19 in 2012? Come on, man, you threw to everyone but me. Tony, come on, man. You know you never won the big one. You know you never won the big one. So stop. Leave me alone. I tried to take the high road but I don’t know the address.”

Deion's been taking shots at Romo for years, and judging from his reaction from getting ONE jab back, you would think the adage of "If you can't take it, don’t dish it" would apply. Maybe he doesn't think Tony can dish it to him since he never won a Super Bowl, or maybe he's a bit jealous of his star rising so quickly in their shared industry? Only Prime Time can tell us, and I am sure he will.

How do you feel about this newly formed "feud" between Romo and Prime Time? Share your thoughts with Irvin on Twitter @twittirv.