Uncut with John McCaa: Stupid is, as...

Sometimes adults do the dumbest things with children!

As a kid, we were not allowed to call someone stupid. A person might have done a silly thing, said something regrettable, but my folks believed calling someone stupid was rude in and of itself.

I’ve tried to follow that rule, but sometimes I’ve come across people doing things that cannot be better described by any other word.

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Case in point this week, a car videotaped on a highway one hour outside of Beaumont. An astonished driver in another car noticed a toddler was behind the wheel, unrestrained, while they barreled down the highway at 80 miles an hour.

If you see that on a road, that is what stupid looks like. The good news troopers tracked down and ticketed the adult driver.

And it’s not just an American phenomenon.

The Daily Mail newspaper in the United Kingdom recently had a story and video showing a 4-year-old at the wheel of an SUV has a weaved through Moscow traffic. All the while, an adult (I use the term loosely) was videotaping the insanity.

It makes no sense, but you can’t blame the child. If stupid was a crime, the adults in these cases would be sitting on death row.

The movie “Baby Driver” debuted this year about a skilled but very young car driver working with a gang of bank robbers, but even Hollywood couldn’t imagine a toddler behind the wheel.

You can’t the blame the kids. They always want to test the limits...it’s how they learn.

It’s the job of adults to set and enforce the boundaries. And usually they do. Unless of course, they’re stupid.