Uncut with John McCaa: More than thoughts and prayers

Thoughts and prayers -- it's good we're praying, sending our good thoughts, but quite clearly, that's not enough.

Thoughts and prayers -- it’s good we’re praying, sending our good thoughts, but quite clearly, that’s not enough.

Another massacre, another school, another group of parents left broken. Students, teachers...lost to a madman.

Quite frankly when six and seven-year-olds were gunned down in Sandy Hook and nothing was done, when children worshipping in a Texas church were hunted down like game, and we did nothing, we should have expected something like this week’s Florida nightmare.

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For a hot minute, we’ll all get upset, light candles, sing songs.

All our politicians, so quick to jump in front of the camera when this was breaking news will suddenly lose their voice when it comes to doing something about it.

If thoughts and prayers really are enough to keep our kids safe in school, at church, then thoughts and prayers should be enough to keep the Capitol building in Washington safe, the statehouse in Austin secure.

Let’s free up all those troopers and special agents. Stop buying the metal detectors that provide security, if thoughts and prayers really are enough.

You and I know that won’t happen because when it comes to their safety, they want something more than thoughts and prayers between us and them.

Now the talk is about mental health, but look closer. You’ll see in many places funding has been cut for treatment, laws making it harder for people with mental troubles to get weapons, removed the books.

I pray too, for every parent, every spouse left behind. But if we’ve learned one thing...it is that nothing will get done.

Some school, some church somewhere is already in the crosshairs of a madman, and the victims don’t even know it.

So, for all the lawmakers sending thoughts and prayers, why don’t you start praying now for those future victims too since we already know that’s about all we can expect.