Man searches for owner of wedding ring discovered in Fort Worth's Trinity Park

A young man discovered the wedding ring and engagement ring Wednesday evening and took to social media to find the owner.

A young man who discovered a wedding ring and engagement ring Wednesday evening took to social media to find the rightful owner.

Of all the things JM Flores sees when he's out on Fort Worth's Trinity Trails, this was a first.

"We had actually parked right here, and then walked past the car," Flores said as he showed WFAA the spot where he made the discovery Wednesday night. It was a discovery of a nuptial nature.

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It was an engagement ring and its corresponding wedding band, just sitting on the pavement where he parked his car.

"There’s the engagement ring and then the band obviously," he said.

He waited a bit to see if anyone returned, and when they didn't, he turned to social media. He sent out a tweet, asking Fort Worth to help him find the rightful owner. He recalled seeing other success stories online of lost items being returned, and he felt hopeful.

"I want it to get back to its owner, so I said, 'Help, please,'" he said.

The area in question in Trinity Park has had a lot of traffic lately. Not only has the weather been beautiful, bringing people out to enjoy the trails and the park, but also The Cowtown Marathon recently went through this very area as well.

But Flores thinks the ring likely hadn't been there long, or someone else would have seen it first.

"I figured the girl who dropped it is probably freaking out," he said.

The ring does have a GSI number engraved on it and Flores hopes the true owner will know the number. So he's throwing out this marital Hail Mary, hoping he can help put the ring back on the rightful owner's finger.