Father of 'superhero' Micah Ahern finds sweet way to honor son

Micah Ahern, the TCU superfan who would've turned 8 years old on Tuesday, passed away from neuroblastoma last summer.

Baking has long brought Maurice Ahern solace.

It's a solace he seeks now more than ever.

"Today, Micah would’ve turned 8," Ahern said. "March 28, today’s his birthday."

His son, Micah Ahern, known as the beloved "superhero" mascot of the TCU baseball team, passed away last summer after a years-long battle with a childhood cancer called neuroblastoma.

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It put a lot in perspective for Maurice.

"Just a lot of things," Ahern said. "Rethinking on his life and my life, and what do I want to do with my life."

Inspired by his son's "never ever give up" mantra, the pastry chef said he finally found the courage to do something he's wanted to do for years.

"It’s a little scary, obviously," Ahern said.

Last week, he launched his own business. He's calling it "Gold Ribbon Confections"-- the gold ribbon is the color for childhood cancer awareness, he explains.

It is a catering company that features all his sweet treats, with a twist. Ahern has pledged to donate a portion of every single sale of cookies, cakes, you name it, to organizations that support childhood cancer.

The Ahern family knows firsthand that every donated dollar matters. It’s been reported that of all the federal funding for cancer research, only about 4 percent goes to childhood cancers.

"If I can use that baking and somehow be able to raise money, to make a difference in some way—then why not?" Ahern said.

"I always just think-- I always just kind of hear Micah. 'Never ever give up, Dad. Never ever give up.'"

A sweet way to honor his sweet little boy.

For more information visit www.goldribbonconfections.com.