Wednesday's Child: Meet Richard, Dallas and Christina

Eleven-year-old Richard, 10-year-old Dallas and Christina are best friends.

When children in foster care are ripped apart from their biological family, it's hard to understand why.

Yet with great strength and resilience, children have an amazing capacity to move forward with gratitude, even in the saddest of situations.

Eight-year-old Christina has two really cool big brothers. "They're kind, and they always help me on my homework," she said.

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Eleven-year-old Richard, 10-year-old Dallas and Christina are best friends. They played together at Build a Bear in Grapevine.

Wherever they are, they always look out for each other.

“When I play football, I just imagine me catching the ball with my siblings in my heart," said Dallas about the motivation he receives from his siblings.

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The children have been in foster care for two years. They've had only one placement, and it's been together. They're grateful for this.

When asked what it’s like being the older brother, Richard said it’s awesome because he’s in charge. Really though, Richard carries a lot of weight. There's only one word to describe the uncertainty of foster care.

"Sad,” he said with tears rolling down his face.

Richard, Dallas and Christina want to be adopted. They would like a family like their foster family to adopt them. “They give me everything I need," said Dallas.

"They're nice, and they give me candies and toys," said Christina. She is full of life and joy. “I'm cool, and I have lots of friends and I like to do cheer," she said.

All three kids are super smart. One class has become Richard's favorite because of his teacher. She helps him and understands where he’s coming from.

"Math is my favorite because my teacher is very nice," he said.

Richard, Dallas and Christina want parents who will give them medicine when they are sick, hugs when they are sad and a parent who says "I love you."

When asked what they hope a family will see in them, Dallas simply said “love.” These best friends will fill a home with triple the joy. All they need is a Forever Family to give them that chance.

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