Wednesday's Child: Kasha, Makella and Mickey

Mickey, Makella and Kasha had a lot of fun together during this adventure because it's not often they see each other.

You're about to meet three children who "literally" want to somersault right into your heart. The two sisters and big brother shine so brightly, you instantly fall in love.

They have a Christmas wish that will warm your heart and perhaps inspire you to act. Kasha, Makella and Mickey make exercise a habit to keep them healthy and happy.

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At PINSTACK in Las Colinas, they showed some skills, bowling and even showed us their gymnastics moves.

"I can do a flip after doing a cartwheel then hit the splits," says 9-year-old Makella.

She literally wants to somersault into your heart. Little 4-year-old Kasha only has to smile to make your heart sing.

"Yes, I want a mommy!" she yells out during our taping.

Then, there's 10-year-old Mickey. This kid is wise beyond his years. Listen to what he said about racing his sister up the climbing wall.

"She might have beat me, but I wasn't really about being quick. I was just about taking my time and trying to get it done," he said.

Mickey, Makella and Kasha had a lot of fun together during this adventure because it's not often they see each other.

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"Over these past years, I've been upset and crying at night because I can't be with my brother and sisters, and so it just breaks my heart not to see them," says Makella.

She and her brother and sister are in three separate foster homes. It's been this way since they arrived in foster care two years ago. The only gift they want this Christmas is to be together.

"It's important because most of the time I don't get to see my sisters, and sometimes I be crying," says Mickey.

"I want to get adopted with my brothers and sister at the right home that would be just right for all three of us," adds Makella.

These children need a Forever family who will encourage them just the way Mickey lifts up his sisters when he sees them.

"They're smart. They can do anything they want to do, and when they grow up, they're going to be good women!" he said.

Mickey, Makella and Kasha are already happy and healthy. Now all they need is to be safe in a home with an abundance of love.

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"I want parents that love me!" shouts-out little Kasha in all her cuteness.

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