Wednesday's Child: 14-year-old Johnathan

Johnathan has very a unique and positive outlook on life that makes him stand out in a big way.

It takes a very special person to see the good in losing his entire family and ending up in foster care.

We recently met a young man who says foster care has changed his life for the better. Johnathan has very a unique and positive outlook on life that makes him stand out in a big way.

"I've been in foster care for 4 years, almost five," says 14-year-old Johnathan.

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He sees foster care as a life-changing experience for the better. During our tour of the Dallas World Aquarium, Johnathan was candid about his life over the last four years.

“For me, it's been a good experience being in foster care. I've learned so many new things," he says.

One thing Johnathan has learned is to do everything he can to help others. It makes him feel better.

"If I'm stressed, it just helps me feel a lot better to know that I've helped someone," he says genuinely.

Johnathan's positive outlook on life helps him to excel at school, where he does his best to be on the A honor roll. Science is one of his favorite subjects.

And although he doesn't think he's that good at it, Johnathan is a very talented artist. He likes to draw in Anime.

"I get bored easily sometimes, so it kills the boredom. I enjoy doing it. I'll draw for friends if they ask me to. Some people will request me for a drawing," he says.

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The picture Johnathan has drawn in his heart is one of a loving Forever Family. In this Christmas season, he wishes for parents and also for an opportunity to see a loved one.

"To see my sister again. That's the only thing I want because I haven't seen her in a while," says Johnathan.

Foster Care has taught Johnathan something very important. Not to take loved ones for granted.
This child will cherish the day he's adopted and use his happiness to bless others.

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